Shamanic Healing Practice

Body & Sound


Recapitulation (soul retrieval) is a method of enquiry; a self-empowered technique for recovering life-force energy from Stagnant thoughts (internal scripts), beliefs, redundant agreements, situations, relationships, addictions and unwanted patterned behaviour in general. It’s an ancient technique originating thousands of years ago from the Toltec-Mayan culture that was given to initiates in order to maximise their energy for healing and facing the unknown. In a modern context it allows you to let go of the past and live more fully in the present.

Magical Passes (Tensegrity)

Magical Passes are a truly archaic system of energetic movements left to us by the Toltecs who inhabited Mesoamerica 10,000 years ago. They Dreamed and devised a vast system of energy work which they called Magical Passes, designed to gather and redistribute vital energy and to harness and focus Intent. The modern system of magical passes is called ‘Tensegrity’ who’s lineage infused Chinese Qigong with the ancient knowldge in the 18th Century.

Sweat Lodge

The sweatlodge is a ceremony of letting go. Sitting in the dark, in the heat, surrounded by fellow companions, there are no trappings of the modern world to bind you. Song, silence, sweat. It is a place for reflection, of enquiry into your own inner world, release of physical tension and emotional pain. It is also a place for joy, friendship, and celebration. The sweatlodge can be used as a catalyst for change, to offer prayers and support, to reconfirm your commitment to that which is important to you, or as a tool for self discovery. After the sweatlodge there is often a feeling of rejuvenation, of being detoxed, of relaxation, of euphoria. From difficult times to times of joy, the sweatlodge can be a tool that helps you trust and navigate the process of life and can leave you feeling rejuvenated.

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