Holistic Fitness & The Healing Arts

Body & Sound


Holistic Fitness & The Healing Arts

Body & Sound


Body & Sound



Tired of aches, pains, stress and excess tension?

Want to get fit, improve your health and move towards optimum vitality?

Need help with exploring a holistic approach to fitness designed especially for your needs – combining the benefits of science with the Healing & Martial Arts?

Martial Arts

Complimentary styles of Kung Fu for Fitness, Confidence, Self-Defence & Keeping The Peace

Holistic Fitness Training

Dedicated Personal Training designed specifically for you and your body

Healing Arts

Bodywork, Structural Integration & Sonic Vibration Therapy, Shamanic Healing Practice

Health & Vitality

Combining Yoga, Nutrition & Taoist practice of Qigong, Tai Chi and Internal Alchemy for Health & Vitality

Workshops & Retreats

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