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Yoga is a vast, intricate and ancient practice and means many things to different people. There are many elements beneficial for Health and Vitality that can be applied to your personal practice. If you are interested to attend an in-depth yoga training or take the first steps in teaching yoga, head over to Yoga Health Mandala where we can assist you further.

Awakening the Spine

The spine is key to Health & Vitality – an alive and functional spine helps create the conditions for the rest of your body’s systems to function optimally: respiration, cardiovascular, neural, endocrine etc. Many unnecessary injuries arise from an over-ambitious yoga practice and clumsy teaching, where the spine is often compromised for the sake of ‘making a shape’ or focusing too much on flexibility for example. Learn how to awaken the spine in a safe and supportive way and discover your body’s amazing potential.

Chakra Activation

Long before it was appropriated as an exercise warm-up to begin a yoga class, The Sun Salutation was practiced as a kriya to activate the chakra and directly synthesise sunlight, similar to photosynthesis in plants. The Chakra (pronounced with ‘Ch’ as in ‘Chalk’) serve as energetic gateways (Vortex) allowing subtle energy in and out of your body. Activating the Chakra can boost your Health & Vitality and is an integral part of yoga practice.

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